Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Breaking News: There is No Breaking News

There are two important NBA issues ongoing, and two important issues only: the lockout and news that some NBA stars may ply their trade in Europe next season. That's it. The Diss has touched on these issues, but who needs our opinion on them, when that is the only thing out there that anybody else is writing on.

Therefore, in liu of actual things to write on, The Diss staff is researching longer, lengthier, and less time-sensitive posts. Posts that aren't a reaction to something currently happening, posts that won't ever be part of the 24-hour news cycle. Stay tuned for:
  • A recap of H206 Charity Basketball Classic in Seattle
  • An article about race and the Detroit Pistons
  • An examination of where athletes live
  • A post questioning why the NBA is so homophobic
  • And many more

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