Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Media: The Vince Carter Body Slam, or How Jalen Rose Got HIs Groove Back.

At some point in the last two seasons, Jalen Rose became what Diss-cussant Kurt Scott called a "certifiable boss".  And he's definitely right.  In a line-up that features fairly bland personalities, and cookie-cutter analysis, Rose has risen to the top of the ESPN food pyramid (mmmm, fats and oils. Eat sparingly).  He's ESPN's most animated, opinionated and eloquent basketball analyst; one who is rarely afraid to share his mind. Be it about race and the game in the Detroit metro area, to the embellishments of ESPN's less lovable talking heads on First Take, Rose keeps it real.  It's refreshing to see.

In his latest overshare, Rose details a short "day in the life" from the 2005 NBA season, when he and Vince Carter were teammates on the Toronto Raptors, and a playful conflict between Vinsanity and former Raps coach Sam Mitchell got out of hand.  Rose offers honest assessments of Vince, Mitchell, the Raptors organization, and the hidden stuff that happens in NBA locker rooms.  And it's all animated. You've got two and a half minutes to spare.  Don't you?  Take a minute and listen to Jalen Rose spin some yarn.

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