Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Introducing: The Diss.

Welcome to The Diss, a blog about politics, culture, economics, race, class, labor and, most importantly, the National Basketball Association (NBA). The Association. My one true love.

The Diss was born in June 2011, but it has been in the works for nearly five years. It is the product of countless hours of fanhood of both the NBA and the NBA blogosphere. Blogs like TrueHoop, FreeDarko, The Basketball Jones (TBJ) and perhaps most importantly, Golden State of Mind, serve as major influences for this site. I have always been impressed with the writing of household names like Henry Abbott, Kevin Arnovitz, Bethlehelm Shoals, Skeets and Tas, and Rob Mahoney. However, I have been equally impressed by the analysis generated by fans on Golden State of Mind, as well as other Sportsnation blogs such as Sactown Royalty and Blazers Edge, whose analysis frequently rivals (if not trumps) work done by “professional” writers and bloggers. The Diss seeks to continue this evolving tradition within sports journalism through thematic, critical analyses of the NBA written by lifelong fans.

This site will feature eclectic analysis from a variety of perspectives. It is our goal to provide focused, well researched and well written opinions on a number of topics pertaining to the NBA, from the Draft, to the impending Lockout, to team development, to the regular season and playoffs. Contributors are informed not only by their extensive research of the league, but also by lifelong fanhood. Contributors to The Diss will look at the fortunes of a number of unrelated teams all at compelling stages in their franchise development. We hope to generate discussion about league wide trends through close analysis of certain teams – specifically, the Golden State Warriors, Sacramento Kings, San Antonio Spurs, Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls and Minnesota Timberwolves. Hopefully it works.

This blog’s name, “The Diss,” was unintentionally suggested by Joe Bernardo, our specialist on the Lakers, and my friend and colleague here in Seattle. “The Diss,” of course, refers to the popular slang term for Disrespect. To me (and perhaps only to me) Disrespect is a compelling concept to look at the league. Everyone feels dissed. That makes sense. But what about me, a fan on the eve of a Lockout? Truth be told, David Stern, I feel dissed. Things are great in the Association. The Mavs scored one for teamwork. The hated Heat fell in grand, dramatic fashion. It’s NBA Draft Week, and Tuesday (today)is always Ridiculous Trade Rumor Day on ESPN and HoopsHype. And most importantly: Things are looking up for my Warriors! Mama, here comes that coach! Mama, there goes that Monta (hopefully for Iggy)! Mama, there goes that playoff berth? Who knows. Who cares. We’re in the news. It’s great.

But curses. Curses! There’s about to be a Lockout. It’s all in jeopardy. I wonder about how an extended season of Disrespect will affect everyone associated with the league, from players to the media to the fans. I wonder how we will internalize this with other memories of being disrespected by petty millionaires –as a Warriors fan living in Seattle, I have unique perspective about this – and how that will translate in the long term. This blog will, at least tangentially, tackle this concept. But only sometimes.

And while we’re introducing things, I’ll take the liberty and introduce myself. My name is Jacob Greenberg. I am a PhD student (on leave) and respite care provider for WA state. I live in Seattle, a city whose native residents are continually encountering ghosts of a previously vibrant basketball past, and are still coping with the dramatic loss of its supposedly beloved team. I, having been born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, am a lifelong Golden State Warriors fan, though like several of my peers in the Dub Nation, have few memories of the Warriors existing while Jordan and the Bulls ruled the Association, or really, before Spree choked PJ. I have spent time moonlighting as a Wolves’ fan while living in and around the Twin Cities for college, and now spend my time processing the shell-shocked observations of Sonics fans while I desperately try and locate bar with League Pass so I can watch Warriors games in a city desperately and permanently bitter towards the NBA.

That’s it for me. Let’s talk ball.

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