Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wild Speculation and Outlandish Guesses: Playoff History Edition

Before the 2003 playoffs the NBA switched first round series’ from five games to seven. Which do you prefer?

Jordan Durlester: The more games you have to win; the more definitive a team can be when they call themselves the champions. The NBA does the best job out of all major sports in crowning the league's best, and the first round being a 7 game series is a major reason.

Joe Bernardo: For pure drama, I like the 5-game series. Yes, the 7-game series is better suited to really determine who the better team is, but not by much. 5-game series have potential for upsets. Let's face it, upsets are exciting to watch.

Omar Bagnied: I mean, if a team beats you three out of five games it should indicate their superiority. It's not like the NFL or college basketball where one bad game spells the end for a lot of great teams. A five game series is more compelling.

John Reyes-Nguyen: I prefer 5 game series for first round. It would help quickly end lopsided match ups like this years Heat/Knicks series.

Jacob Greenberg: I am a fan of the five game series. It served the dual purpose of (1) wrapping up lopsided series fairly quickly, while (2) giving a lower seed a better chance of notching an unlikely upset. Though only one eight seed ever upset a one seed in the five-game era, while there have been two in the seven-game era. So maybe I'm just an idiot.

What is your favorite first round series ever?

Jordan Durlester: Srsly? You ask a Warriors fan this question? WE BELIEVE. Baron over AK47 = Better than a Mozgov.

Joe Bernardo: The first 8-seed to beat a 1-seed. Dikembe holding the ball on the floor at the end of Game 5 is still an iconic image in the NBA.

Omar Bagnied: Chicago-Boston 2009. Four overtime games?!! That triple OT classic and Noah's soul-crushing slam?!! Yeah. You guys remember that.

John Reyes-Nguyen: 2008-09 Bulls vs. Celtics series. That was Derrick Rose's rookie season and he was a beast. Seemed like every game went into OT and was down to the wire. Hi drama, it was pretty awesome.

Jacob Greenberg: WE BELIEVE. It happened five years ago, and I still can't believe it happened in the first place.

Would you prefer your team win a series 4-0 and get to rest before the next round, or win a nail biter 4-3 but gain experience playing tight, pressure-filled games?

Jordan Durlester: It really depends on the team. If I'm a Celts fan - I want to sweep and rest. If I'm an OKC fan - let's get some close games that allow us to see how we execute down the stretch. However, it really shouldn't matter. Just win, baby.

Joe Bernardo: 4-0. There's no need to gain experience for experience's sake. It'll come when it comes.

Omar Bagnied: Always prefer 4-0. A time to rest. A time to heal. A time to watch as your opponents reel. And a time for every purpose, under heaven.

John Reyes-Nguyen: I would like my team to got 4-0. Considering I'm a Lakers fan and we are older than dirt, the rest would do wonders.

Jacob Greenberg: I've never had a team. I'm a Warriors fan. We're never relevant. As such, I always want the most entertaining series possible. I only watch the playoffs because I'm a fan of the NBA.

When LeBron James heroics are needed in the 4th quarter of these playoffs, will he respond positively?

Jordan Durlester: Fact: Lebron is the best player in the league, and although the sample size is rather small, he is demonstrating it this post season. While I can't guarantee he'll hit a game winning buzzer beater, he WILL make sure his presence is felt in the 4th quarter.

Joe Bernardo: Yes, I think this will be the year he gets over the hump. One of these games D. Wade will call him out on it, and he'll start pulling the trigger.

Omar Bagnied: I trust he'll play well for the first 10-11 minutes of the 4th. We all know his rep. In nine years all we remember is Orlando. Look at how happy he was to make it though!! Awww!!!

John Reyes-Nguyen: I think Lebron will take the last shot when it comes to it. I'm sure he realizes all the crap he's taken for not being a closer like other superstars. I see him being more aggressive in the clutch this year. But with Derrick Rose out, there might not be anyone in the east capable of taking the Heat down to the wire.

Jacob Greenberg: My Magic 8 Ball says: Ask Again Later. Like, when the Heat actually have to worry about an opponent. My gut says yes. I think he's reached that stage both in his career and his personal life (he's 27) where his will to silence his detractors will supersede his desire to pass the ball in big moments.

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