Friday, August 3, 2012

Diss Guys Miss Guys Volume 4.

Diss Guy - Nigerian Allen Iverson

It would have been easy to choose the USA Men's Basketball team after the night they had last night, BUT DID YOU SEE THAT GIF ABOVE!?!?!? You see, here at The Diss., we normally root for crappy teams, not juggernauts. Sure, every four years we get swept up by the Olympics and dust off a couple "USA! USA! USA!" chants like everybody else, but we are really captivated by the underdogs, and boy was Nigeria an underdog last night. The thing is, they aren't terrible at basketball. They have a couple NBAers and qualified for this tournament by knocking out Greece (you know, that team that beat the USA and won the Gold Medal in 2004 the Silver Medal at the 2006 World Championships) and playing Russia close. But that's all besides the point: LOOK AT THAT GIF ABOVE!


Miss Guys - NBC Executives

Call me a bandwagon microblog protester (on second thought, don't), but I think this #NBCFAIL thing hits the mark. Now, if you are competent at that whole "illegally streaming" thing, than you can watch the Olympics as live as you want to, but if you don't, you're screwed. Every time you go to any website, even non-sports related websites, you get bombarded with the latest Olympics results. Reddit, Facebook, CNN etc. Nowhere are you safe. Does NBC expect you watch that evening knowing the results or do they expect you to avoid communication all day? Here's the solution: show EVERY event live streaming online. For those of us that don't have a cable provider, charge $10 for the entire Olympics package. Done and done.


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  1. Koko Archibong. Should be a NBAer this year.