Friday, August 31, 2012

Diss Guys Miss Guys, Volume 8

Diss Guy: Isiah Thomas

I guess somehow I glossed over the whole "Hall of Famer" part, because my first thought was "I guess he is in the Bay Area during the offseason...I wouldn't want to spend a summer in Sacramento either." And then I remembered that he spells his name Isaiah, not Isiah, and that, oh yeah, he's not in the damn Hall of Fame.

So this story is about the other Isiah Thomas, trying to move on to the next act of his adult life. In the first act, where he played the role of basketball star, Thomas was a phenomenally successful player. Unfortunately, the second act of the play transitioned Thomas to basketball executive, where fans of the CBA, New York Knicks and Florida International University will tell you he did a pretty poor job. We have yet to see the third act, but good for Isiah, ducking out of the spotlight for a while and continuing his education. With that Master's in Education, maybe he'll be the unlikely one to fix California's public school system.

Miss Guy: Transit

This video has been bouncing around the blogosphere for the last week. I saw it on Reddit, but have also noticed it on a few blogs, and I believe Mike Bibby has tweeted about it. I'm all about musical tributes to sports teams, and I believe that there are a lot of Vancouverans (Vancouverites?) that were truly heartbroken when the Grizzlies left for Memphis: Sonics fans don't have a monopoly on relocation pain. Nonetheless, this song is just bad, and throwback Grizzlies gear immediately passed through cool on its way to trying too hard.

They drafted him for marketting & demographics
They coulda had Ratliff with that draft pick
They chose Big Country & we got our ass kicked

Besides the fact that drafting Theo Ratliff instead of Big Country wouldn't have made the team any better (fun fact: Bryant Reeves was actually good at basketball. In his third year he dropped 16 points, 8 rebounds and 1 block a game. He then got fat.), those lyrics are just bad. To prove that sports raps can be done well, check out below.

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