Sunday, January 8, 2012

Introducing: @TheDissBlogNBA, now on Twitter.

Hey, former representative Anthony Weiner (D-New York).  Are you an NBA fan?  Maybe the Knicks?

Yeah?  Nice!  Too bad Melo and Amar'e will never learn how to play together.  Anyways, you read stuff on the internet?

Oh, relax, former representative Weiner!  I know you're a modern man.  Well, hey, you oughta read my NBA blog.  It's called The Diss.  It's a bit preachy and a little too esoteric, but hey, we could always use the pageviews.

Oh, you will!  Ah gee, thanks, former representative Weiner!  And say, while you're on the world wide web, you oughta check out our Twitter feed.  Account?  Newsfeed?  Whatever, you should check it.

Former representative Weiner?  Did I say something wrong?

Oh. Right. Look, I didn't mean to offend you.  I'm just saying that --

Oh, you're not mad about me forgetting

You just expected more topical humor.  Yeah.  That's fair.

Anyways, follow The Diss on Twitter.  TheDissBlogNBA.  Thanks.


  1. What a timely and relevant Twitter joke!

  2. What a timely and relevant comment about my timely and relevant Twitter joke!