Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Media: The Wages of Wins Videocast, or The Revenge of the Basketball Nerds.

Introducing "Monday Media", a semi-regular look into stuff that other members of the NBA's literati are producing.

Today's media: The Wages of Wins Videocast, where we learn four things:

  1. The Wages of Wins network is filled with incredible nerds.
  2. 2hose incredible nerds are incredibly intelligent when it comes to understanding professional basketball, and interpreting the stories that stats tell about a game, player or team.
  3. I'm not sure Google+ hangout is quite ready for primetime yet.
  4. They are some of the only bloggers (besides myself) who actually like what the Mavs did this summer, but don't think that it will prevent Dirk from becoming a Laker in 2014.
Oh, wash out your mouth, get that vom-vom gone.  He'll be old at that point.  Thanks for the entertainment, stat nerds!

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