Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bios and Breakdowns: Arnett Moultrie

The Basics: 
Arnett Moultrie
Power Forward, Mississippi State (1 year after transferring from 2 years at UTEP)
Official Measurements from NBA Combine in Chicago:
Height (with shoes): 6'9.5"
Weight: 232.8 lbs.
Wingspan: 7'2.25"

Moultrie is a kid all the experts are picking to drop somewhere between 18-25. 3 years from now when we're all looking back at the 2012 draft GMs from every team who passed on him are going to be kicking themselves square in the face for their utter stupidity.

When I look at Arnett Moultrie I see the prototype of the future NBA superstar. His combination of size and quickness are going to enable to him to be a double-double guy on his off nights, and when he's on he has the potential to be a perennial All-Star. He moves very well laterally on the defensive side of the ball allowing him to be effective on the ball as well as sliding over to help and disrupt shots (he has not proven to be a great shot blocker yet). Moultrie can face up or back down competitors in the paint like any big should be able to but also runs the floor smoothly with better than average handles. He shoots it from the perimeter well - highlighted by his 44.4% in his last year at MSU.

Now let's pump the breaks for a minute. I'm not saying this kid is a finished product and we should be calling Springfield immediately. Moultrie still needs to develop a few more post moves as he tends to go to his strong side way more often than not. While his free-throw percentage has improved each year in college (from 53%-78%) that part of his game definitely still needs work.

But seriously. Watch this video. Look at his step back shot - imagine him in a pick-and-pop situation with a quick guard. Look at the high ball position in the paint. Look at his quick and high release on his perimeter shot. Note how deep his position in the post is as he receives an entry passes. This guy is a complete basketball player and is going to have an immediate impact on whichever team snags him.

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