Monday, February 13, 2012

Minnesota Timberwolves Twitter Poetry: "Hey, Minneapolis"

Ed Note: On Valentine's Eve here in Minneapolis, I've been thinking about what to get the Wolves for tomorrow's special day. Since I don't have any way to the organization what they really want (a pure 2-guard, a mulligan on the Johnny Flynn pick, or a date for Rubio with the Gasol brothers), this is going to have to do:

The Scene: The upstart Minnesota Timberwolves currently sit at 13-12*, and as a unproven and youthful squad bravely championed by a bearded man rising from the mist, they are existentially unsure of their current place in Twin Cities culture and greater Minnesotan sensibilities after their recent unexpected run of success. Understandably, the recent dispatches of the ten rostered T-Wolves on Twitter have told the story of this angst over "finding their place" all too well.

Will this be the year Love leads the Wolves out of the fog of the Lottery?

Will the Cities, and even the greater Seven County Metropolitan Area ever love this motley band of West Coasters, Europeans, and previously erstwhile losers? On this Valentine's eve, feel the guttural and raw emotion of this team's impassioned plea to greater Minneapolis, each other, and their LOVEliest player, interpreted directly through a compilation of recent player tweets, and reconstituted in free-form poetry tinged with the iciness of the Minnesota winter:

Hey, Minneapolis:

Let's make it special, 
Colder than a witches titty,

We are so close to getting it,
but we need you more than ever,

We're in it 2gether.

Sometimes good things 
so that better things can fall together...

Ok, so I’m in love,
but she don’t love me back
Smile in your face,
but everybody fake.
Not on for a long time.

Have you ever met,
a perfect stranger?
Anybody ever felt,
like a caged lion?
Never had selfish ways,
whole circle shining.

Did I get left behind?
People change like the weather.
Luckily I'm equipped to,
last through the four seasons.

If you read it on the Internet,
It must be true right?


 Love, Is it true?????
Tell me tell me!!!

*The Timberwolves are actually 13-15 - However, they are 13-12 in 'Wolves' uniforms and 0-3 in 'Muskies' ABA throwbacks.

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