Monday, February 13, 2012

That's What He Said

Jeremy Lin might be the #2 PG available in [the 2010] draft.
-Ed Weiland, May 22, 2010

H/T: Don via marginalrevolution

It’s not often we’ll lead with a link but in this case, there’s not much to say that has not already been said. Read it. It’s one thing to pontificate about successes, and an entirely different thing to predict it. Ed may well be the George Soros, John Paulson, and Mike Burry of the basketball world. And Jeremy Lin may in fact be the biggest thing since sliced (white) bread. Rap videos. Lin-finite endorsement potential. Viral video skits. How big can #Linsanity grow before the bubble bursts?

Trust me, as an economist (does that inspire trust?) I can assure you that all this Lin hype is in fact a-bubb-lin. While I believe he’ll settle down as a good player, what happens when the lin-troductory promotional period ends and he’s just an Asian-American point guard piloting another 50 win team? Subprime gave us Simpson-Bowles, Dodd-Frank, and a real estate market that makes the Gulf of Mexico, BP-edition, look like a kiddie pool at Sea World. What will Jeremy Lin do for America?

My best guess would be more and better advanced statistics in the game of basketball but I’m interested to hear your thoughts on the lasting implications of the J Lin experience, if any, in the comments below. Whatever it may be, I’m sure the NBA comes out a winner.

The Knicks play the Raptors tomorrow night. I could not be more excited. Now tell me that ain’t #Linsanity.

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