Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hold Onto Your Fake GM Hat!

NBA trade deadline season is upon us! To make sure you are fully disappointed by your favorite teams' moves, follow the recipe below.

One Part Speculative Rumor "There are renewed rumblings about the Warriors possibly getting Brook Lopez from the Nets in a multi-team deal involving Howard. That would cost them big time, though; Monta Ellis would be part of the Magic’s compensation." -- Peter Vecsey at the New York Post

Two Parts Unfounded Hope Monta Ellis is sixth in the league in scoring. I think everybody else will overlook the fact that he plays no defense, is a black hole on offense and has down statistics across the board.

Vigorously Stir in the NBA Trade Machine

And voila, you have a ridiculous trade that gives you unfounded hope!

Billy King and Otis Smith are involved...throw common sense out the window!

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